Dear guitarists,

The Penrith Classical Guitar Club aims to have an ensemble ready to perform at various community concerts in 2016. This ensemble will involve a collection of guitarists who are willing to learn and rehearse repertoire for such concerts. We are currently looking for members to join this ensemble. Here are some of the benefits:

·         Players of any ability are welcome to join. We will adjust the repertoire to cater for diverse abilities (e.g. adding easier or harder parts)

·         You get to make suggestions for the repertoire that is to be played

·         We get to perform as an ensemble, in a concert setting

This new ensemble will be in addition to the monthly ensemble that we have. The main difference is that in this new ensemble we work on repertoire over a longer period of time, and so we will be able to choose repertoire of a different nature, rather than just repertoire that is sight-readable.

So please comment on this post if you are interested. Suggest repertoire that you would like us to play; I’ll make some suggestions too. I look forward to working with you.

Jacob Wielgosz

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